Friday, May 15, 2009

The Switcheroo Caper...

It was a rainy gloomy day today. Me, my cousin Bunkey, Scruffy, my other bear brothers Cocoa and Reggie (he's Canadian; adopted via the eBay Adoption Center) were playing cards and talking. We were trying to come up with a way that Scruffy could stay with us when Bro. T. moves to Chicago on Saturday. He told us he wasn't looking forward to living on the 30th floor of a high rise apartment building. He didn't care what coast it was on. Bro. T. is borrowing mom & dad's pick-up truck for the move. He mentioned that he expected Scruffy to be in the truck ready
to go.

Lucky, another bear in our hug, is about the same size as Scruffy.Their fur is similar in color, but not identical in texture. Lucky said he wouldn't mind making the move because Bro. T. is his hero! He rescued the little guy from a big box of about 50 identical bears. For some reason Bro. T was put in charge of the disposal of said box. I guess one of his friends had worked for the store that had the bears (his butt-tag says The Limited); they were unable to sell them because they were defective in some way. Many of them were bleeding beads and stuffing through poorly constructed seams. I think their Bear Birthing Center was in China, but I digress. Anyways they were all destined for disposal or charity. Mom selected one little guy, performed a little surgery on him and named him Lucky.

And so on Scruffy's last day in the suburbs a plan was hatched to switch identities. They would switch clothes. Scruffy is hoping that Bro. T. will have so much on his mind, that he won't notice until its too late. We told Scruff that in order for the plan to have a chance of working, he'll have to keep very quite and out of direct sight, but still hide in plain sight.Lucky thinks if he's already buckled in the backseat of the truck wearing Scruffy's clothes they might just be able to pull it off! I just wish we had a baseball cap or hoody small enough, it would give Lucky more of a chance. I can almost hear the music in my head from Mission Impossible now.

We're having a little farewell movie night for Scruffy tonight. Watching The Tale of Desperaux and eating popcorn. Gotta hurry and get back, the popcorn is going fast. Scruffy's picking out all the buttery ones.

I'll let you know how it goes soon!
Grr-bye for now,

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