Monday, June 22, 2009

Thunderstorms, tornado warning sirens and Father's Day...

As you may have read in my things about me, I don't like thunderstorms. We've been having a lot of them lately. On Friday morning we had two, with severe weather warnings. Mom was supposed to go shopping with her friend who lives about 10 miles away. The first storm hit before 9 in the morning. A tornado warning was issued for the towns where my Aunt Cheryl and my cousins families live. Mom called them to make sure they'd heard.

The winds picked up a little by our house. I saw a couple of huge lightening bolts. The vertical kind and very close. Then our tornado warning siren sounded
and mom & I went to the basement. Sorry, no photos of that, it's too messy! A bear could get lost down there.

We did actually have a small tornado a couple of years ago. Happened so fast the siren didn't even sound. The rain was blowing sideways, it got very dark like nighttime in the middle of the day. We lost power for days, trees down everywhere on power lines.

Anyway, we'd just gotten to the basement when Ethan's mommy called to say Chuckles was safe in the basement with Ethan too. That storm past so we went back upstairs. The weather lady said another one was coming, that could have 80 mph winds. But since the tornado warning was over we went back upstairs.
Look what I spotted on the patio between storms. I apologize for the blurriness of the picture. I think I moved. But you can still see the little fella, right there under the salad table. Another baby bunny. We have a lot more of them this year. And the squirrels and the chipmunks! Don't get me started... but some one's been digging in my rows of carrots and bachelor buttons, grrr!
I watched the storms on radar till they were over, made it a little more bearable.

Mom went shopping and out to dinner. There was another big storm around dinner time. When she got home. All us bears were huddled together in the living room. Dad was at a rehearsal for a dance recital; he was running the lights and sound. He came home early because they lost power in the building where they were rehearsing.

On Saturday just after lunch, my grandma and grandpa called to say they lost their power. Dad came home between recital performances, ate a little dinner. Before he headed back, he loaded up our generator and dropped it off at grandma and grandpa's. They were off the grid for 36 and a half hours.

Yesterday was Father's Day, my dad's calling it Labor Day come early. Mom still had a few flowers to get in the ground and two more flower beds to weed before the temperatures are too hot for her. Summer heat and humidity makes things difficult for people with MS. So since it was a cloudy day on Father's Day Dad helped her get it done.

We're having Father's Day tonight because brother T wasn't available on Sunday.

I'll write a little about our "day after Father's Day - Father's Day" tomorrow. I'm going to share a recipe for the Ambrosia Cake my grandma made too.

Grr-bye for now,

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