Thursday, June 11, 2009

Girls and tea parties...

What is it about girls and fancy tea parties? When my Aunt Cheryl was here recently she brought her two girl bears for a visit. She must think mom does bearby-sitting, because she left them here while she moves. So the girl bears around here are busy planning a big tea party for Saturday.

They even made and printed invitations. I managed to get hold of one. Look here it is, see what it says, there along the side?No Boys! Can you believe it?!!! No boys---hey what's going on here?

Well I managed to talk with my friend Clara Bear about this. She was busy with Winnie counting cups and napkins. Mom was letting them check out the good Wedgewood china tea cups. Clara told me the girls all think the boy bears get to do everything around here. This is their chance to have some girl fun.

When I pressed the no boys rule further. (Because I'd seen some of the goodies they're planning to have at the tea party.) So she thought a moment, then told me I could be their waiter if I get dressed up. That way I can have first dibs on any leftovers.

I'm thinking about it. I do have the appropriate dress up clothes, and that lemon curd and those cookies sure look yummy. Mom told me they might have some additional goodies too. Well, I guess I'll see what kind of mood I'm in on Saturday. The guys and I are kind of put out by the whole thing, especially since Buster is here for a visit too.

Hey mom....can us boy bears have a guys movie night with dad? You know an action movie? Well I got to go call dad about this right now.

Grr-bye for now,


Sir Woodstock said...

Good Afternoon young fellow!

I found your link over @ my friend Bob T Bear, esq's blog and thought I should leave my calling card!

Glad to say not too many girls in my hug and those that are, are fine gals!


Buttons the Bear said...

Sir Woodstock,
How do you do? Thanks for stopping in. Nice to meet you. My mom used to have a yellow Chevy Camaro named Woody, after the Peanuts bird Woodstock.

We seem to have a lot of girls here. They're all pretty great too, at least to me. I think the other guys tho are quite put out, because they saw all the tea party goodies. I think their stomachs are feeling left out. They'll get over it ...I hope.

Stop by again soon,