Wednesday, June 17, 2009

A Stow-away Visitor...

Last night my Aunt and Uncle came over to watch a movie. They called on their way down and said they had a stow-away visitor coming along. Hmmm, mysterious...I asked if the visitor had four paws?

They just moved up from Peoria and they have three cats. I know they are looking for new homes for two of them, as they are now living in a condo. I was afraid one was coming here.

My house is a cat-free zone, well except for when one wanders through the backyard or visits my blog. I think mom and some of the other bears here might be allergic or something.

I wondered if not a cat, then who?
Did Aunt Cheryl have another bear? One that needed hoovering and temporary housing? She left Winnie and Alyssa here and they needed hoovering. Perhaps she found another one when she was packing up for the move. I just couldn't guess who it could be.

Ding-dong, ding-dong, ding-dong. Yes three times it rang...Aunt Cheryl said the excessive bell ringing was Uncle Pete. But I later learned it was the stow-away visitor Chuckles! Chuck or as we call him Chuckles is my people cousin's one year old son Ethan's bear.

I can't believe Chuckles came to see me without Ethan. He told me he heard them talking about coming to my house. Ethan's mommy said it would be OK, because Ethan was getting his bath and going to bed. Hopefully Ethan won't miss him too much in the morning. He's a stow-away because he wasn't an invited guest. Turns out he's a guest of a sneaky nature.

Someone was happy to see me, what do you think?

A real wise guy...
Hey what's the deal?
I must work on the respect for elder bears part of the New Bear Orientation Class. Young bears can be a handful.

I think Chuckles is going to be a bear with a worn nose too. Since Chuckles arrived Ethan only kisses him, not his mommy or daddy, and seems like it's always on his big ol'nose. Better watch out Chuckles!

Still recovering so I'll say...
Grr-bye for now,

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