Thursday, March 18, 2010

Scruffy and lifes ups and downs...

When I woke this morning, I heard Barnes asking Scruffy what was wrong with his balloon?
By the time Buster and I got downstairs,

Scruffy was parading around saying "UP, UP" to his balloon.
Buster tried to comfort him, by telling him it was going to be okay, besides St. Patrick's day was over.   
But there was just no consoling him. He just kept saying "my balloon's dead, my balloon's dead."

So Buster and I decided to give him a reality check. Buster and I both had made recent rather disturbing discoveries. So we asked Scruffy which was worse, his dead balloon,
the empty cookie jar Buster had found, or the empty Honey jar I found?
Scruffy said he got the point, when we put it that way. No honey! No cookies! What will we do?

I have to go now to make sure mom has these important life sustaining items on her grocery list.

Just a note: Barnes is concerned that you might think his name is EDDY. His sweater says TEDDY, and sometimes it looks like it says EDDY.  He wants you to know his name is Barnes the Noble.

Grr-bye for now,



Marlowe said...

I do think that honey and cookies are more important then balloons!

Is Barnes a Barnes and Noble bear? If he is, we have his cousin, Noble living here. (Our Barnes is a bigger version-- and our new friend Steven is from there too!)

Buttons the Bear said...

Hi Marlowe,
I agree,honey and cookies are way more important than a balloon, but don't tell Sruffy I said so.

Yes, Barnes the Noble is a Barnes and Noble bear. His adoption was facilitated by my Aunt Cheryl and Unca Pete Christmas 2008. He has loads of cousins, we know 4 of them that live in Chicago.

Where animals speak said...

I'm agree too, I prefer honey and cookies than a balloon, they are more important.
Have a nice Snt.Patrick's Day! :)

Sally Ann and Andy said...

I hope y'all get the special food you need. That is very important.
Sally Ann

Hammie Hamster said...

Balloons are fun but most of the times they don't last for long. Cookies are fun and yummie too, but here at our house they don't last very long too...

The Teddy Bear Family said...

Rub the balloon along fur (or on People hair) for a minute, and then stick it on a wall high up. It ought to stick to the wall, even if it doesn't float. Axlerod calls that "static eelektrisidy" or something like that.

And then, once the Mumster goes a-shoppin' life is all better.