Monday, June 29, 2009

Hug history or her story...

I promised I'd have Tricia Jean, one of the founding mem-bears of our hug to tell the story of our hug. I took that opportunity today. So here she is, in her own words, Tricia Jean Bear.

Tricia Jean:
Hi everyone. Thank-you for this opportunity Buttons, to share how this all got started, at least from where I came into the picture. I think my uncle John Thomas Bear really started it all, but that's his story to tell.

Just about 31 years ago in San Diego, California. I was sitting in a bear adoption/relocation center along with my mom and dad. We were homeless. A young handsome sailor and his fiance were looking at us as they passed through the adoption center (gift shop).

I think it was later the same day, its been so long ago, the sailor came back into the adoption center. This time he was alone.
He adopted all three of us to be a surprise for his future bride. He had to leave us with friends, Mr. & Mrs. M.. We heard him say he'd be back for us in about 6 months. He had to go to sea on the submarine he was stationed on. He'd get us just before he went home to Illinois to get married.

We lived in the bottom of a dark closet in a large black plastic bag. My dad kept telling us
it was like an extra long hibernation. Just not in a cave of our choosing. It was hot, stuffy and crowded in there.Just look at the size of my Paw's paw!

Day after day we'd hear the closet door open and close. We'd hear the couple talking from time to time. Every day I'd dad and mom if this was the day we'd be let out? Were we ever getting out? Dad kept saying at least we're together, that was comforting.

Then one day the closet door opened and the bag we were in was lifted and moved. A short time later we were on the move again. Thud! We'd been put down rather hard. Dad could see through a tiny hole that we were outside. He thought fresh air, that's a good thing. But wait, we were sitting near the street along with some other large black bags and a trash can. I heard dad say "uh, oh, we're in trouble."

We could faintly hear Mrs. M's voice asking excitedly, where is the bag I left over there? Then Mr. M who was getting in his truck to go to work say I took it out with the other bag of garbage. And Mrs. M saying that bag's not garbage, it's the bear family our sailor friend left in our care. He called this morning, to say he'd be by to pick them up. Then Mr. M's voice saying he was sorry, it just looked like the other bag of trash he needed to get to the curb.

Then just as abrupt as the thud had been, we were snatched up and on the move again. This time we heard Mrs. M's voice saying that was close, and the sound of the garbage truck as it came up the street.

It was many years before Mrs. M told the sailor and his wife this story. How that morning, they'd almost ruined his surprise for his bride.

Wow! You mean to tell me that our hug nearly never got started? It's a good thing Mrs. M noticed that you guys were missing and as soon as she did.

Tricia Jean:
Yes, it was a close call, we nearly ended up in a landfill. Anyways, the sailor picked us and took us to a tiny apartment in San Diego. There we waited for about two weeks, before we saw him again. When we did he had the young lady with him. They were married now and we became a family. She named us all.
ThenAlissa Jo, Tricia Jean and Daniel James Bear - 6/1979

and Nowback row- Daniel James, Me, Allisa Jo
front row- Tricia Jean and Buzzwald (Buzzy) Bear

My younger brother Buzzy joined our family about the same time Brother T was born. They are the same age.

Thanks Tricia for this bit of our history. Can I get you to tell us why you wear a sailor dress?

Tricia Jean:
Sure, another time, you bring the donut holes, I'll bring the story.
Ok, grr-bye for now,



Bumpkin Hill said...

what a lovely story, I am so glad you survived, that was a close call! nice to have found your blog, Beary Hugs, Catherine and my Bumpkin Bears

B.T.Bear (esq.) said...

Wat a wunderful story an grayte fotoes!!! I do like the look ov yor Pa Bear. He looks like he wud be very comfortin in a thunderstorm. There is a big Bear at Granny's. He's calld Merge. I offen go an hav a chat wiv him wen I'm thare.

Yor Pa duzz hav enormuss paws!!!

Poopsie aka Blue said...

Good Day to you all!

That is an fine, fine story - I do like a bit history you know.


Sir Woodstock said...

PS - Forgot to say ... was pleased you found Miss Bearzil.
She is not going to delete her blog after all - phew!